About Executive Coaching Knowledge

Executive Coaching Knowledge Canada is a complete service executive coaching, assessment and talent management consulting company established in Alberta, Canada. Our proprietary, constant, quantifiable process supports our professional coaching work with both organizations and individuals in pursuit of personal growth and change, career advancement, leadership capacity-building, skill growth and organizational performance improvement.

In the evolving field of professional coaching you will find service providers which range from transnational recruiting and consulting organizations that have additional coaching for their own offering, to untrained independent professionals working with only a laptop and a telephone. The large companies concentrate on scale and process; the independents leverage their personal networks and transaction on historical victories. Executive Coaching Knowledge Canada’s uniqueness rests in our capacity to extend the scalability and process-based responsibility of a significant company encouraged — and in reality, anchored — by authentic enthusiasm for the customers and the work.

You may expect us to listen to everything you want and also to deliver it or link you with somebody who can. We will not take on a job if we are not sure we are the ideal option. We’re dedicated to being the very best in our subjects, and we’re doing work we love, believe in and excel at. Our customer relationships are partnerships, where we think we all understand something every day which helps make us better. Our relationship with our customers does not cease when the session finishes we care deeply about their achievement and will encourage them to the entire extent of our skills and vitality.

We do not “shortcut” our procedure — each customer differs and therefore every involvement differs while still guided by our dedication to measurability and outcomes. We deliver the best of the two ends of the coaching spectrum together in a distinctively flexibly yet professional approach.