Coaching, Managing and Instructing


Managing and Coaching It’s hard to choose a single definition of the term management and this isn’t helped by the contemporary trend in organizations to tag almost everybody and everything as management in some manner. Arguably, everyone in a business is a supervisor to the extent that management is about deploying resources to get the … Read more

Factors That May Affect Your Life Choices


Let’s talk about options! It’s not hard to make decisions based on a schema that you have developed through your life experiences. I hear the number of the older adults say”when you know better you do better.” The choices you make not only affect your current circumstance but the future also. Everyone is not equipped … Read more

Leadership: What True Leaders Do


Several years ago, Robert Redford, starred in a film, The Candidate. The topic of the film was, the political voyage of a person, who was a real, underdog, who believed, had little prospect of winning, and the transformation, and eventual winning of his effort, even though he was not really ready for the position. The … Read more

Effective Leadership: Be A Better Leader


Why is it that some men and women who have a name, position, and chance fail to have the ability to lead; while some others from inside the ranks command respect and influence which effectively direct people to accomplishments and positive outcomes? This is a reality we see in houses among family members, in addition … Read more