3 Keys to Living An Abundant Life As a Woman
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: October 2017
You deserve to live an abundant life starting right now. You weren’t born to settle for less and you do not need to. Discover how to start to manifest prosperity, and flourish in every area of your life.

Life Is Too Short Not To Live Your Goal
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: November 2017
Life is way to short for us not to live it in purpose. We can not continue to let time pass us by without making it count. You deserve everything that God has for you. So do it!

Life Coach
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: December 2017
Health isn’t only the lack of injury or pain but expresses itself in an undisturbed balance of Body, Mind and Soul.

Build a Prosperous Life
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: January 2018
Actually, you’re the key to your prosperity, but to realize it, you must understand true: life has odd ways. If you took all the cash on earth, divided it equally among everyone, it would soon all be back at the very same pockets as it had been before it was shared. So how do you change the odds?

The 5 Major Areas Of Your Life To Help You Grow Inside
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: February 2018
The following is a list of personal development areas to improve in your life. This is an high level list of areas to improve, and every element is equally important to enhance your life. I advise that you always work on every one of those.

Be Your Own Coach For Life
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: March 2018
Instead, spend some time being your coach for life and think about what’s really important for you, then concentrate on setting priorities around those items.

Want a Happier Life? Make Improvements, Fast
Speaker: Eva Barnes
Date: April 2018
What is a life coach and how do you choose the best one for you? Continue reading and you’ll discover more about life coaching and how a life coach can help you make changes and improvements to maximise your happiness and success in life. This article also provides some practical information about the items to look for in a coach.