Factors That May Affect Your Life Choices

Let’s talk about options! It’s not hard to make decisions based on a schema that you have developed through your life experiences. I hear the number of the older adults say”when you know better you do better.” The choices you make not only affect your current circumstance but the future also. Everyone is not equipped with the capability to weigh their options and count the cost before making a decision. I am sure at some point the majority of us have made decisions that affect us right now. There are a few who chose to be with the wrong friends which led to wrong choices. Others might have resorted to making financial decisions and they might be struggling to supply. Although you might have made decisions in the past you do not need to let them detour your future.

You don’t have to live in fear and sorrow because of previous choices. Many can’t find the strength to proceed since the manifestation of the decision they made is current and each day they’re reminded of their decision they made. You don’t need to let those choices specify your future; you still have time to move forward! You still have the chance to succeed in life. You’re not a failure! You are an overcomer and don’t have to permit the voice of your old choices to keep you from succeeding. There’s still time to develop and create greatness. It’s easy to become discouraged and then you start to sing should have, could have, would have blues. Don’t allow the negative voices to permit you to think that your life is more than simply due to a choice you made previously.

First, you have to forgive yourself for the decision, and then consider what you heard from the decision. What were your own consequences? Who can use this information and how can it stop them from making that same decision you made. If I asked someone, what’s the beauty of lousy mistake and choices? The individual would probably laugh at me and say there’s not any beauty.

Well, I believe there’s beauty if you’re able to prevent somebody else from having to suffer the consequences you had to because of that selection. Don’t forget to live your life, but most importantly you have to take responsibility for the consequences of the decisions you make. Keep the faith!

And remember there are factors that might impact your life choices! That’s okay! Get up, try again! Nothing beats a failure, but a try!

Are you making decisions for your life based on another person’s opinion? In that case, it could cause some unforeseen consequences and terrific regret. I urge you to live your life for you! Do not allow someone else to ascertain the results of your future.