Resources: An Introduction to Life Coaching

Desires can become your destiny.

To make any changes in your life you have to first acknowledge that something should change. This realisation may come about after experiencing problems in one, or commonly, more areas of your life. These may include:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Work/life equilibrium
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Bad habits (smoking, excessive drinking)
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Debt and finances
  • Weight Reduction
  • Stress, depression and anxiety attacks

It is important to acknowledge that although a number of these factors influence the life situation, truly they’re just symptoms. It’s our core beliefs that shape our own life experience; these things that we think and believe about ourselves, others and the world at large.

Exploring your core beliefs starts to raise self-awareness and acts as the catalyst for change.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a really positive and beneficial practice which helps individuals make meaningful and significant (i.e. ones that will last) changes in their own lives.

Even though it’s important to accept and admit your past, indeed it has brought you to the point you’re at now, life coaching deals with the current moment and shaping your future, as opposed to focusing on your past.

The function of a life coach is to assist you to rate your own life situation, as it is now, take a look at what you would like to accomplish in your life and help you determine how you can best attain that.

A life coach guides, motivate, assures, pushes and promotes but never tells you what to do. Through active listening, superior communication, questioning, interpretation and evaluation a coach will help you and suggest tools and methods to move you towards your stated outcomes. You nevertheless set the pace and finally make the modifications and achieve your desired goals.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Life coaching raises your self-awareness and joins with your authentic self, what is your greatest good. Although individuals often experience feelings of overwhelming throughout coaching, which is a natural part of the process of change, looking at yourself and your life in a more objective way lets you see clearly what you want to work towards and achieve.

Coaching is an exploration of self and so frequently shows new interests, passions and different avenues to follow.

A positive change in one area of your life will obviously impact on different areas of your life. By addressing your core beliefs it is possible to effect changes in several regions of your life concurrently.

New ways of expanding beyond yourself and influence on your loved ones, friends and people you come into contact with.

Coaching encourages you to eliminate boundaries and limitations you may have put upon yourself. This may result in you getting more creative, proactive, and motivated to succeed.

Ultimately coaching is all about restoring your natural balance and helping you to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

What makes a fantastic life coach?

A fantastic life coach will have varied life experience in addition to having completed an accredited qualification.

A fantastic life coach will be inviting, friendly, professional, honest, empathetic, organized, intuitive and goal. They’ll respect your beliefs, goals and needs while creating opportunities for you to research these leading to new activities resulting on your preferred coaching outcomes.

A great coach will believe in you, if you don’t believe in your self, and ultimately allow you to realize that you have everything within you to help you achieve what you want.

A great coach will walk the talk, i.e. they will normally be quite happy, fulfilled and healthy also!

What would you do to start taking a look at your life in a more favorable way today?

Among the toughest things to do is be objective with ourselves. However, if you’re reading this then you’re most likely at a point of needing to make a few changes in your life and attain unique methods of being.

Everything begins with a thought and thus start, quite simply, with where you’re at now.

Notice your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Do you think negatively? Do you react in ways you believe are not great for you or others? Do you frequently experience negative emotions?

When you feel you’re thinking, feeling or behaving in a way you feel isn’t’good’ simply watch. Bring your attention of consciousness to the present moment and observe what you are thinking, feeling or doing.

Using this method you’re getting your own silent observer. Do not judge yourself but only notice what’s happening, as it happens.

You will soon start to find that you have a choice to think and so feel and behave differently and in a way that serves you, i.e. in ways that are good for you.

As opposed to focusing on what you do not want, concentrate on what you do need. Start to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. At first, this may feel as if you’re always watching and noticing your ideas, but over a brief time period, you will realize that thinking more favorably feels more natural.

When you change what is inside, what is without changes obviously. This is to say that by changing your thoughts you’re changing what you encounter in your life. You’re not likely to get yourself out of debt overnight or to your dream job in a month but by accepting and admitting the change must come from within you will start to work towards changing your life situation and forming your future more consistent with what you desire.

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