Should i Consider A Job In Search Engine Marketing?

Although the title of this guide is ‘Considering A Career In Search Engine Marketing’ it’s necessary to stress that there are in fact two different areas within ‘research’, specifically: Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and Search Engine Advertising.

Industry experts have mixed opinions regarding how ‘search’ ought to be defined but for the article Search Engine Marketing covers both Search Engine Optimization (also known as natural search) and Search Engine Advertising (also called pay per click, sponsored, or paid search). Read this blog to learn more.

Background To Search Engine Growth

It seems that the Internet has been around forever and that using a search engine to search for information is presently a standard day to day activities. But it’s easy to forget that Yahoo! merely celebrated its 12th birthday in March 2007 which Google celebrated its 10th birthday in September 2007. You just have to check out the amount of additional products and services which they both offer today to see how quickly the industry has increased!

When the search engines first launched, their outcomes pages were based on their own proprietary algorithms. As the significance of the search engines to website owners improved so did the desire to be highly ranked in the search engine results. This guide to the growth of search engine optimization companies who would offer a service to optimize a site to maximize its rankings in the search engine results.

As a result of the initiation of the first Pay Per Click Search Engine by Goto in 1998 (renamed Overture and now owned by Yahoo Search Marketing) this lead to an opportunity for SEO companies to add another service by managing the pay-per-click campaigns for their customers. Additionally, it also resulted in new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies starting up who only specialized in handling pay-per-click campaigns.

Of course, where there is growth in an industry there is also an opportunity and none more than the project opportunities that are now being created as a result of the phenomenal growth of the Internet and search engines.

Which Are Your Job Opportunities?

As well as job opportunities over the Search Engine Marketing companies it is getting more common to see some traditional marketing and advertising agencies offer search engine associated jobs. Also, there are now specialist digital media companies providing search engine marketing services. Corporate companies are also starting to recruit their own Search Engine Marketing specialists to work in-house and this tendency is expected to continue growing.

Which Type Of Skills And Attributes Will You Want?

The kind of skills and characteristics required will very much depend on how specialist they work function will be and also the level of the job. Though a lot of companies want to experience in the work discipline, others will be trying to find well-motivated, flexible people with both the ability and desire to master fast.

For the more technical roles (for example a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist) a specialized background in HTML, programming, or It Might Be required although the level of background needed will vary from company to company

For the more marketing-related roles (such as handling a sizable Pay Per Click campaign for a client) good business skills, an analytical and enquiring mind, creativity, lateral thinking, and strong goods and project management skills are always good attributes to have. These transferable skills may have been obtained from a broad selection of experiences across different industries.

But one predominant attribute to have is the ability to take care of change. Things change so rapidly within the search engine industry, with new products and services launched regularly as well as updates to the search engine’s algorithms, which you have to be able to respond quickly and analyze exactly what the various changes will mean for your clientele.

Can I Have Enough Experience?

Bear in mind that there are not a lot of people within the industry with more than five years experience of paid search or ten years experience of search engine optimization because the industry is very much still in its infancy! Therefore, if you have little search engine industry experience many businesses (large and little) may be eager to provide their own training programs for you if you show the desirable aptitudes and attitudes.

In addition, companies may also look favorably in candidates who have experience of working at a specific business sector or client group since they already have an appreciation, knowledge, and comprehension of their market sector.

In Summary

If you are looking for a change of business in your existing role within Revenue, Project Planning, Account Management, Business Development, etc., or you are seeking to learn some new skills within a fast-moving industry, there are some exciting career opportunities available in Search Engine Marketing. For more information, visit Torapath Digital Marketing.